Drum Lessons Folkestone

Welcome to Roro Drums the home of Drum Lessons Folkestone.

Situated in the bustling seaside town of Folkestone in Kent, Roro Drums offers the finest drum education around. Officially started in 2019, Roro Drums was actually established in the late 1980’s. Drums and drumming have always been a passion for Roro. With over 20 years of drumming experience behind him, Roro is here with one goal. What is that goal you ask?

Our Goal…

To provide the best drum education around of course! A simple goal perhaps but one Roro is deadset on delivering. Aiming to go above and beyond to provide you the student with everything you could possibly need. We have a developed a number of courses based around skill set. We also offer dedicated courses to help you through all RSL Grades.

Whats On Offer?

Designed to help educate you in all things drums; from lessons and tutorials to manufacturers and shops.

Interested in learning to play drums or improve your playing? Check out the LESSONS page for all the details on our courses, lessons and support. Whatever your drumming needs we can help you!

For the general passer by who’s stopped to take a look, there are song transcriptions and tutorials for you to enjoy. Be sure to head over to the LINKS page for information on drum companies, custom drum makers, cymbal makers, accessories, shops, DVDs, books and websites.


The members section is designed with you the student in mind! How many times do you walk away from a lessons and forget everything you’ve learnt and end up practicing one or two things you remember? The MEMBERS section is designed to give students full support 24/7 as well as help students on a global scale learn to play drums.

The Members section is packed full of hundreds of videos and resources. The joy of this is that you can re-watch a lesson as much as you need until you can play it fluently.

Whatever has brought you here, thank you for coming! Take a look around and hopefully we have something that will cater for your drumming needs!